Monday, 8 March 2010


Recently, on some nights before bedtime, I would sip a little Umeshu liqueur from Choya. I only take a little, probably  1/3 of a small glass. And you have to sip it slowly to enjoy the full-bodied taste of the Ume. After a while, it will make your body feel warm. It also aids a good night sleep.

The Ume comes from citric acid and the refreshing flavor induces appetite (not that I need that!). Umeshu also contains malic and succinic acids, so it is good for refreshing yourself by enjoying Umeshu when you feel tired.  Also the Ume contains minerals such as potassium, magnesium and calcium, hence it is fiber-rich.

Ume's medicinal uses claim that it can kill 3 kinds of poisons; poisons in food, water and blood.  Hence the benefits of Umeshu can help to relieve stomach discomfort, increase body metabolic rate, eliminates exhaustion, aids blood circulation and keep blood clear and pure.  This wine can be served in different ways, with ice, with orange juice, with soda, with green tea and with jelly.  Normally I  prefer Choya on the rocks, just chilled with ice and the Ume. If you like a little kick every night, try it!  

CHOYA for the win!!!!!

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